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Importance of Information Availability, its effects on Business & the proposed Model
SSU Res. J. of Engg. & Tech Page 17-21

Many a time the irony one can face is the unavailability of the resources when they are needed the most causing unavoidable/irreversible loss. These kinds of scenarios can cost organizations their business. Enterprises suffered and are still suffering a huge loss in terms of revenue, customers’ dissatisfaction and more. Though availability is one of the three basic components of security besides Confidentiality and Integrity, it could not get its due share and remained under the back- drop. In this paper, the importance of the information availability and its key determinants are discussed, analyzed and a conceptual model is proposed. The model is validated by carrying out an in-depth study of three major multinational oil enterprises of Pakistan. The study proved that if information availability is taken care in true sense, success in business could be assured. 

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