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Controlling Self-Directed Vehicle via Webpage using Raspberry Pi Lighttpd Webserver

Internet of Things (IoT) and Tele-Robotics are most advanced technologies that provide a vision where any object in this world can be connected to anything else. These technologies enable us to build communication among various entities such as Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) devices, home appliances, medical equipment, RFIDs etc. An intelligent Self-Directed Vehicle (SDV) incorporated with features of Internet of Things (IoT) is presented in this work. In order to manually control the SDV, a web page (embedded with google maps) is developed and uploaded on Lighttpd server on Raspberry Pi. Lighttpd server can act like a normal apache server. User can navigate SDV manually using maneuvering control buttons. The onboard camera provides visual awareness. This technology can be utilized and implemented in a number of areas such as military, where SDV can undertake missions like drone surveillance, border patrol etc. Furthermore, our work highlights the use of web servers for interconnecting devices and describes the use of internet to control SDV from a remote end with Raspberry Pi Lighttpd Web Server.

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