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Road User Vulnerability in Traffic Accidents, Featuring Full Day Data Collection – Comprehensive MACRO Analysis Study for the City of Karachi, Pakistan

It is an undoubted truth that the system of transportation planning is associated with the key parameters of traffic safety. This focuses the implementation of designed policies and standards. The relationship between road traffic accidents and applied infrastructure facilities is proportional.  This imparts the available geometric design considerations, pavement structure, environmental, human and vehicle contributory factors. Traffic accidents are also affected on various 24hrs timings of the day and classified as dawn, daylight, dusk and dark in different research studies. Each time of the day has its own characteristics featuring with the driver performance, site detection, visual acquaintance and information provided for decision sight distance. Accidents occurring in various timings with respect to different types of road users are presented in this research. Possible root causes with significant recommended measures are the extensive dimensions of this research study.  On the whole, three years data record is utilized in the analytical part as well. For the sake of reason, macro analysis tools and techniques are used in order to justify the results. The results are also formulated highlighting responsible factors and liaison with the accidents carried out in morning and dark.

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